Tang Li Marine & Offshore is a subsidiary of the Northern Marine Group. Tang Li Marine & Offshore was established in Shanghai in 2015 to provide direct procurement from Chinese and other Asia based manufacturers. Additionally, we provide supply and support to vessels in service calling at Chinese ports and China based projects.

Tang Li Marine & Offshore sources, procures and supplies a wide range of ship stores, marine and oilfield equipment, and general consumables for all types of vessels and offshore units. We specialise in initial fill supplies, logistics and supply chain management to provide cost effective solutions for our customers.

We also provide various technical support services at ports throughout China including Hong Kong.


We provide supply and support services in the majority of China ports, including Hong Kong.

Annually, Tang Li Marine & Offshore exports large volumes of marine stores, equipment and spare parts to our group company, Francois Marine Services, in Singapore, Rotterdam, UK and thereafter, our customers globally.

In our continual and innovative development, our strategy is to offer our customers greater flexibility, one-stop solutions, seamless supply chain and a transparent service.